Selected performances

For past and scheduled performances, see the “Wheel of the Year” page here.

Yule: Original Lyrics

Cold snow,
Icy the winds that blow
Cold, blow, in the dark of night.

Cold snow, icy the winds that blow
Cold, blow in the dark of night.

Icy cold wind blow, freezing winter snow
Yuletide is come!
Feel the icy breath, bitter cold of death
Yuletide is come!

Cold winter wind blowing icily.
Coldest, longest of nights.
Coldest, darkest of nights.

Drifting snowflakes on the air, blowing icily.
Twirling snowflakes on the air:
Wintertime at Yule.

General Information

Yule is the third movement of the Wheel of the Year song cycle. It was originally published as part of the full cycle in 2004, and subsequently released as an individual work, after several requests, in 2010.

The work has been performed in numerous countries around the world. Significant performances include the premiere by RMIT Occasional Choral Society in 2004 as part of the Young Melbourne Composers concert, and the recording and subsequent release onto CD by Brazilian group Talliesin in 2011.

Yule is quick to learn and easy to perform, and the middle vocal line may be performed by alto / tenor combination, or by either alto or tenor.

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