• Instruments: ‘Cello and Hand Drum (‘cello may be replaced by keyboard)
  • Duration: 3 minutes
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Ostara PDF

Selected performances

For past and scheduled performances, see the “Wheel of the Year” page here.

Ostara: Original Lyrics

Ostara (repeated)

All hail Ostara when all life is reborn
Honouring new life on Ostara morn

All hail Ostara as the sun rises in the morn
from the freezing biting cold of winter
all hail the day
all hail the light

Life rising
Life growing
Weaving life

Rising, lighting, growing, all hail the light!

General Information

Ostara is the fifth movement of the Wheel of the Year song cycle. It was originally published as part of the full cycle in 2004, and subsequently released as an individual work, after several requests, in 2010.

The work has been performed in numerous countries around the world. Significant performances include the premiere by RMIT Occasional Choral Society in 2004 as part of the Young Melbourne Composers concert, and a repeat performance by the combined choirs of RMIT Occasional Choral Society and LaTrobe University Choral Society in 2011.

Ostara is quick to learn and easy to perform. It is also an ideal piece for workshopping and for ad-lib singing and drumming, with free interpretation and vocal work based on the simple themes of the piece, using the score as little more than a rough guide to performance.

Therefore, although listed as SSATB, any combination of singers can work this piece, and give a great performance. Have fun with it, and “get into” it!

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