Selected performances

For past and scheduled performances, see the “Wheel of the Year” page here.

Beltane: Original Lyrics

Brightly the fires at Beltane burn
Rise, as the dusklight is fading
And we will dance, as we sing this song
Sing to the Lord and the Lady.

General Information

Beltane is the sixth movement of the Wheel of the Year song cycle.

Beltane was originally published as part of the full cycle in 2004, and subsequently released as an individual work in 2010.

Presented as a round in this version, Beltane is another of the movements from Wheel of the Year that is designed for free adaptation and ad-libbing. Hand drumming works well, as does humming and repetition of the verses over and over by different vocal types. Consider the score as a guide only.

Significant performances of Beltane have included the premiere by RMIT Occasional Choral Society in 2004 as part of the Young Melbourne Composers concert, and a repeat performance by RMIT Occasional Choral Society, together with LaTrobe University Choral Society, in 2011.

Unoficially, Beltane has made its way into several Pagan and earth-based communities as a staple workshop piece, and is used regularly in circles and gatherings worldwide.

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