Love Will Make The Roses Grow

Selected Performances

  • Susquehanna University Women’s Choir, Susquehanna University, Pennsylvania, USA, November 18, 2011.

  • Clarissa and Diana, Pischelsdorf, Styria, Austria, 25th September, 2011.

  • Ohio State Lima University Singers Spring Concert, Ohio, USA, 2011.

Love Will Make The Roses Grow: Original Lyrics

Love will make the roses grow
Fair, though thorns have pierced her eyes
Blood of flowers weep to the earth
Wounds to water, as she dies.

Time will make the roses die
Petals fall and beauty fades
Rose to thorns and dust let fall
Blossom silenced by night’s grave.

Love will make the roses grow
In their perfume memories rise
Sweet distilled in Love’s design
In her petals beauty lies.

General information

This short work was composed in early 2011, and is a companion piece to another work, Once there were flowers, although the two may not necessarily be performed together.

The work is suitable for a cappella performance, OR piano accompaniment, OR harpsichord, OR guitar OR lute (guitar chords are included on the score).

The text is original. This is one of a series of flower songs I have written that are available freely at this website.

When writing this piece, I was experimenting with the sounds and feels of music from different eras, and attempting to evoke a medieval feel, both with the original text I wrote as well as the style of the music and optional accompaniments.

Love Will Make The Roses Grow was first performed in Ohio, USA, by the Ohio State Lima University Singers, as part of their Spring Concert in early 2011. It is the companion piece to Once There Were Flowers, which was also performed in that concert.

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