Where is the Moon?

Selected Performances

  • Clarissa and Diana, Church performance, Pischelsdorf, Styria, Austria, 25th September, 2011.

Where is the Moon?: Original Lyrics

Where is the moon? for she hides
Where is the moon? for she dances
Casting her shadows of moonlight
to a world adrift in dreams.

Lady of light, sail above me.
Lady of dreams, give me peace.
Why does the world sleep and yet
Not I? No sleep can find me.

The moonlit earth breathes as one
with the sky…
The starlit world dreams as one
yet I, ahhh! lie alone
in silence.

Lady of light, shine above me.
Lady of dreams, give me peace.
Why does the world sleep and yet
Not I?
No rest…
I long for rest…

General information

“Where Is The Moon?” is set for mezzo-soprano solo / semichorus, SAA and easy piano. The piece ideally suits a smaller ensemble or chamber choir, and would also work well for younger voices. The text is original.

The solo line would suit a soloist from the choir ranks, or a small group of mixed voices from second soprano and first alto. The piece has been written with flexibility in mind.

“Where is the moon?” was written about the prosaic topic of being unable to sleep one night.

I was gazing out of my bedroom window – which is directly above my bed – and watching the moon as it flickered back and forth behind the racing clouds.

Interspersed with images of the moon in the text are mythological references to the moon as female, and as the bringer of dreams and of sleep.

Score issues

Links are provided above for US letter and A4 PDF prints, for convenience of choirs on both sides of the Altantic.

In both instances, the piano line has issues with printed arpeggio markings in the chorus (rehearsal marks B => C). This is a noted Sibelius print issue (bug), and unavoidable. My apologies.

For the curious: The work is dedidated to two close friends of mine (also my children’s godparents), and our many wonderful hours spent watching Doctor Who together 😉

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