I can only guess it’s “Crescent Moon” :)

Google Alerts is a really useful tool, when you’re a two-bit composer like me, tracking performances of your works across the globe.

In this case, I was notified about the Central Coast Chorale in Oregon, USA, performing one of my works related to the moon recently.

I can only assume it was “Crescent Moon”.

If you’re from the Central Coast Chorale, or know anything about the performance, please contact me. I’d love to hear if it went well – and thanks for performing my work! 🙂


It’s been a while…

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve been blogging, and yes, I know it’s certainly been a while since I’ve published any music on CPDL.

I apologise – I’ve been busy. I think John Lennon said, Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans. He was right. Life has been happening, I’ve been very happy, and music just hasn’t…happened.

However, now that life is starting to settle down again, I’m getting back to composing, and it’s been nice. There have been a lot of ideas floating round in my head, and I’ll be writing some pieces with my ex-husband Michael, and my son, who is also a budding composer.

For me this is exciting, as it shows we’re creating a bit of a family tradition. I have hopes my son will be a much better composer than I am. I also hope he will support, as I do, the idea of free, freely-accessible music, available for all.


I suppose my biggest news is that, despite not writing anything recently, I continue to be performed worldwide. I am aware of several hundred performances last year, and about the same number in 2014, which shows there is a huge demand for free and easy choral music. I’m proud of this, and keen to continue to support free choral music.

My next goal, now I’ve been performed on all major continents (including Antarctica), is to be performed in space. If you’re an astronaut reading this, or you know someone on the space station, contact me! No, I’m not kidding 😉

In other news, the piece for which I wrote lyrics in association with Michael Winikoff, Deconstruct a Chrysalis, has been selected for performance for Canberra Intervarsity Choral Festival this year. This is great news, as the choir and venue (to be announced) promise to be world-class and yes, CDs will be available for purchase.


I’ve finally got around to learning the ukulele! It’s a fun and easy instrument to learn, and I strongly recommend it, especially for those of us who sing a bit. I took a beginner course earlier this year, and now I’ll be taking an intermediate course in a few weeks’ time. If you are really unfortunate, I may even post a youtube of me singing and playing 😉

That’s it for now, but I hope to have a recording of Deconstruct for you after that performance, and I hope it goes well.

In the meanwhile, here’s a lovely new recording of “Crescent Moon” by Bell, Book and Canto in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA:

“Where is the moon?” score now available for download

The SSAA score of my latest work, Where Is The Moon?, is now available for download, in both US letter and A4 format.

Just click on the “Download music” link at the top of the page, and you’ll find the score under the “Moon Songs” section.

“Where Is The Moon?” is available for mezzo-soprano solo / semichorus, SAA and easy piano.

Duration is 2-3 minutes, with a low level of difficulty for both choir and pianist.

The piece ideally suits a smaller ensemble or chamber choir, and would also work well for younger voices. The text is original.

The solo line would suit a soloist from the choir ranks, or a small group of mixed voices from second soprano and first alto. The piece has been written with flexibility in mind.

“Where is the moon?” was written about the prosaic topic of being unable to sleep one night. I was gazing out of my bedroom window – which is directly above my bed – and watching the moon as it flickered back and forth behind the racing clouds.

Interspersed with images of the moon in the text are mythological references to the moon as female, and bringer of dreams and sleep.

“Where is the Moon?” is the third “moon song” I have written for choir.

Score issues:

US letter and A4 PDF prints are provided, for convenience of choirs on both sides of the Altantic.

In both instances, the piano line has issues with printed arpeggio markings in the chorus (rehearsal marks B => C). This is a noted Sibelius print issue (bug!), and unavoidable. My apologies.

For the curious: The work is dedidated to two close friends of mine (also my children’s godparents), and our many wonderful hours spent watching Doctor Who together 😉 Oh, the good old days!

The score is available at the Choral Public Domain Library, and also here at this website, on the “Downloads” page. Just click on the preferred PDF option (US letter or A4) according to your printer’s requirements.


The piece is copyright under Creative Commons 3.0-BY-NC-SA – attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives.

In other words, if you’re an ordinary choir wanting to perform the piece in a non-commercial way (e.g. for a local concert or whatever), go right ahead. Print as many copies as you need, freely. There are no performance costs, and you can share the work with everyone.

(But if you’re Big MegaProfiteer Corporation or WeWorshipMoney Inc., you’d better come talk to my lawyer, right!)

Happy singing – I hope you enjoy the piece.