It’s hard to compose with Dora the Explorer on in the background…

I was hoping to get some composition done this month, as it is summer and my son is away with his grandparents in Australia.

Nothing doing. I still have my four year old daughter here. I never knew how difficult it was to compose with Dora the Explorer (“It’s the map, it’s the map, it’s the map!”) playing in the background.

Now I’m wiser.

So my month of composition isn’t likely to happen. Family comes first.

Instead of grinding away with Sibelius, I’ve been down the local pool doing killer whale impersonations for my daughter (and anyone else who wants to watch), and running around the farm with my girlie, as she chases after our lambs laughing and giggling.

Some of our lambs

It’s a lovely sight, so I can’t say that doing without new music down isn’t worth the wait.