Trashworthy or not? New work in progress: “I am longing to fly”

I’m currently working on my first attempt at a string piece, and am not sure whether to trash it or not.

So I thought I’d post an mp3 sample of the piece here, and see if anyone had any opinion on the matter.

A friend of mine, who knows a lot more about music than I do (to be honest) thinks the piece is Definitely TrashWorthy. I’m not so sure, but concede that it might Need Some Work Still.

At present I’m setting it for violin and two violas, with possible version for SSA.

Opinions and comments would be very welcome 🙂 Click the link below – it will open in another window for you to listen to.

[I am longing to fly mp3 sample]

So – should it go in the bin, or should I keep working on it? What do you think?