Confirmation of performances in Oregon…and another performance in Australia

It’s been quite a good year for performances for me, despite not having written anything for a while.

However, I’m back with my nose to the grindstone, trying out some new composition software (Noteflight), and there will be new works out in short order.

It turns out that Crescent Moon received several performances from the Central Coast Chorale in Oregon, USA. I was contacted by the choir, and received confirmation that the piece was performed on April 22, 23, 24 and May 1, and that the performances went well.

It’s nice to hear back from choirs, and to hear the music is enjoyed 🙂

Quite recently, and closer to home, Southern Consort of Voices here in Dunedin, New Zealand was scheduled to perform the piece Deconstruct a Chrysalis for which I wrote the lyrics and Michael Winikoff the music.

However, it has had to be cut from the program due to a very busy rehearsal schedule. The choir has performed the piece before, and we have hopes it will find time in an upcoming concert program to perform it again. I’ll let you know when that happens 🙂

One performance that is going ahead is a performance of the same piece by the Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival in June this year. The festival will be held in Canberra, ACT, Australia. I’m not sure of the concert date or venue yet, but once I am I will post the details here, so if you’re in the neighbourhood you can attend.

There’s another Composition Competition to be held by RMIT Occasional Choral Society in Melbourne later this year. I’ll be writing a piece for the competition, and yes, it will be performed – I hope! Once again, once I know the details of the performance, in which a variety of new works by emerging composers will be performed by the choir, I will post the details here. So watch this space!

Finally, here’s a lovely performance by the Laramie High School girls in Wyoming, USA singing my short piece, Mary Sings a Lullaby. Thanks for performing my work. Enjoy 🙂

And another performance of the same piece by Victoria Rengel:


I can only guess it’s “Crescent Moon” :)

Google Alerts is a really useful tool, when you’re a two-bit composer like me, tracking performances of your works across the globe.

In this case, I was notified about the Central Coast Chorale in Oregon, USA, performing one of my works related to the moon recently.

I can only assume it was “Crescent Moon”.

If you’re from the Central Coast Chorale, or know anything about the performance, please contact me. I’d love to hear if it went well – and thanks for performing my work! 🙂


Composition and the inner world

Some of the world’s greatest music is incredibly provocative and soul-wrenching, and I can’t help but wonder what was going through the composer’s life when he or she wrote certain pieces.

For example, singing or listening to Mozart’s Lacrimosa from the Requiem always brings me to tears. Does it have this effect on you?

I’ve been dealing with depression this week. I’ve actually had a fair amount of rough stuff in my life to deal with, and this week was, I guess, a final straw. So music, yet again, was here to heal and support me. As it always has been.

Not only is music supportive to listen to when we’re dealing with the trauma in our lives, it helps to compose and create music too. Our own music reflects what we’re going through, the ups and downs, and the times that challenge us.

So yes, I’m composing again. It feels weird to do so, after so long. I’m finding my voice has changed, I’m not writing in the same style, I’ve matured. Maybe I’ve grown up. Maybe that’s what years of dealing with the rough stuff does to you. I don’t know. I don’t have answers.

The pieces I’m writing are short, and to the point. They’re simple. And yes, of course they’ll be free. I’m hoping to have them done within the next week or two. One is a piece based on the themes of war and peace, and the other is a sea piece.

I’ll post them when they’re done.