About Leanne

Leanne Daharja Veitch’s works have been described as “magical”, delving into the “very essence of that which makes music great”.

Her employment of “striking rhythms and unusual harmonies” bring colour and originality to her pieces, and her works are being performed regularly across the globe – from South Africa to the United Kingdom, to Mexico and the United States.

Leanne is a fully represented composer at SOUNZ.

Leanne around the web

If you would like further information about any of my compositions, please feel free to contact me.

Alternately, if you have performed or would like to perform one of my works, let me know and I’d love to add you to my growing list of official performances.

Official performances worldwide

Some of the countries my works have been performed in:

*** Argentina *** Australia *** Austria *** Belgium *** Brazil *** Canada *** China *** Croatia *** Egypt *** England *** Finland *** France *** Georgia *** Germany *** Gibraltar *** Greece *** Hong Kong *** Iceland *** India *** Ireland *** Japan *** Jordan *** Israel *** Italy *** Macau *** Malta *** Mexico *** Morocco *** Netherlands *** New Zealand *** Norway *** Paraguay *** Peru *** Poland *** Portugal *** Scotland *** South Africa *** Spain *** Sweden *** Switzerland *** Tanzania  *** Tibet *** United States (see below) *** Venezuela *** Wales *** Zambia ***

And within the USA:

*** California *** Hawaii *** Idaho *** Iowa *** Michigan *** Minnesota *** Montana *** New Mexico *** New York State *** Nevada *** New York City *** Ohio *** Oregon *** Pennsylvania *** South Carolina *** Texas *** Virginia *** Washington *** West Virginia *** Wyoming ***

My background…

Although I had sung in choirs since my mid 20s, it wasn’t until my mid 30s that I first attempted to compose, when my then-husband suggested that it might help me finally learn how to read music.

My first composition, The Wheel of the Year (2004), an 18 minute song cycle, shortly followed, and has since been performed in over two dozen countries. My works are now being performed regularly across the globe from South Africa to the United Kingdom to the United States and Mexico.

Primarily a choral composer, I am currently moving into popular songwriting, instrumental, and orchestral composition. Variations on my works have been developed and performed by musicians in countries including Israel, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Argentina.

My goal as a composer is to write accessible music that is memorable, fun to sing, and original. I specialise in shorter, a cappella works, and write music that choirs will return to again and again, as standard works in their repertoires. Many of my performances are repeats, and feedback has been very positive, from audiences and performers alike.

I am separated mum with two young children. My interests include writing, board games, food and relaxing with friends.

My passions include dark chocolate (fair trade), fresh mangoes, and home grown strawberries.

Oh – and want to know how to pronounce my middle name? It’s da-har-yah 🙂

2 thoughts on “About Leanne

  1. To your list of states in the USA in which Wheel of the Year: Yule has been performed you can certainly add Montana. The Montana A Cappella Society has been performing this excerpt from “Wheel” for a couple of years.

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