And so it goes on…

Life has been pretty crazy this year, with not as much time as I’d like for composing.

Despite that, I’ve managed to finish off a new arrangement of I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day – for SAAB. I’ve also been quite busy working on a few larger works, including an Ave Maria which is going well, and a new earth-based piece possibly titled Awakenings, which is going well, set for SATB and hand drum.

The Awakenings piece is the one that is really taking off. I work in an odd kind of way – I get a theme in my head, and go with it, and either it starts to work well, or it doesn’t. In the case of this new work, it’s coming together nicely. And unlike most of my works, the basses have a lot of work to do – they’re the superstars, and hopefully will love it, with some really low notes to pound out and have fun with!

I just wish I had more time to compose! Composing isn’t my only interest – or job – and there has been a lot on my plate this year. As well as work, I took a month of holidaying in Europe, which was spectacular fun, and I’ve been busy at the local gym, getting back into rowing form, and doing a bit of bodybuilding as well (yeah, I’m a composer who bodybuilds – who’d a thunk it?). I just like to have a lot on my plate – I’m not happy unless I’ve got way too much to do!

Anyway, Awakenings should be finished pretty soon, and of course it will be released here at the website before anywhere else. It’s along the same vein as Crescent Moon, so if you liked that, you might just like Awakenings!

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