Wheel of the Year (2004)

2 female, 2 male soli, choir, 2 flutes, cello, keyboard or Tibetan singing bowl in C.

Leanne’s first composition, Wheel of the Year, was published and performed in 2004.

This piece celebrates the eight sacred days of the Pagan community, which are collectively known as the Wheel of the Year.

Wheel of the Year met with unexpected acclaim, and has since been performed over 50 times by dozens of choirs and small ensembles around the world – in the USA, Germany, Canada, Brazil, the UK and Australia among others.

Several movements (including “Beltane”, “Ostara” and “Mabon”) have become staple pieces sung in simplified versions as traditional core music at Pagan festivals in Australia and around the world.

Wheel of the Year is freely available under Creative Commons licence 3.0 BY-NC-SA.

  • 1. Casting the Circle 2 flutes, singing bowl in C (or keyboard alternative).
  • 2. Samhain SATB, cello, piano.
  • 3. Yule S solo, SAB.
  • 4. Imbolc S solo, SATTBB, cello.
  • 5. Ostara S solo, SAAATBB, hand drum, cello.
  • 6. Beltane SSA soli, SSAB, 2 flutes.
  • 7. Midsummer S solo, SATB.
  • 8. Lammas SSAB soli, SAB, cello.
  • 9. Mabon 2 female, 2 male soli, unison choir, flute, cello.
  • 10. Closing the Circle SATB soli, SATB, singing bowl (in C or E flat). Keyboard can be used as alternative.

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